Betting & Casino Accessories

Betting And Casino Accessories

Accessories For Your Casino

Gambling isn’t possible without betting & casino accessories, but it’s a pretty broad term. From chips, cards and dice, right through to the casino tables and the chairs would fall into the category betting & casino accessories. BigTiger supplies have all of this gambling equipment for sale, and more. For years, we’ve been helping to set up large casinos from the ground up, but we don’t just work with the big brands. We also love talking to casino enthusiasts that are looking for the next piece for their home casino collection. Our team will provide the same level of fantastic customer service every time, whether your budget is a few hundred of a few million.

About BigTiger Supplies

We have been a leading supplier of betting & casino accessories to the industry for over a decade, working closely with casinos on projects of all sizes. Most of what we do is new-build casinos that need equipping with everything from slot machines to dice, but we get stuck into refurbishment jobs and upgrades, too. We’re especially renowned for being the number one place to buy roulette wheels stocking hundreds in various designs and finishes to suit any budget. That’s not all – we don’t just focus on the casino, we also have a huge collection of sports betting accessories, including screens and state-of-the-art virtual sports technology.

Our Range of Betting & Casino Accessories

We specialise in not specialising. We’re experts in all areas of betting & casino accessories and can help from start to finish.

Roulette Wheels

Our roulette wheel collection is our pride and joy, and they are also the most popular product in our casino and betting accessories range. Every casino needs a roulette table and wheel, and it’s the area that often attracts the most money, so it’s important to prioritise. The roulette wheel should be the centrepiece of your casino, and with the sheer quality of our products, that is what it will be.

Casino Cards

Without cards, players can’t joy some of their casino favourites like blackjack and poker. But there’s more to it than just buying a standard deck of cards. Casino-standard cards have specific specifications for better gameplay, such as certain materials used for easy movement across felt. It’s also important that your cards don’t get stuck while dealing and overturn, as this can cause real delays and complications during games. We have an extensive collection of casino cards in a range of different designs.


Betting & Casino Accessories

It’s too easy to overlook the importance of betting & casino accessories, especially ones that are specifically designed for use in a casino. The dice are meticulously weighted, and the cards are made from 100% polyester to ensure durability and ease of movement, and that is just two examples. When you buy casino cards and other accessories like chips and shufflers, it’s vital to use a reputable supplier to ensure you’re getting the real thing.

Customer Care At BigTiger Supplies

It isn’t just our great products that keep customers coming back time and time again. Our service team are both professional and friendly, as well as being on hand to help with practical advice and recommendations. We have built great relationships with clients over the years and played a huge part in several impressive casino builds.

We speak to many customers with a wide variety of requirements, some big, some small. Regardless of your budget, specifications or needs, we do everything we can to accommodate. We know that satisfied customers are the lifeline of our business, and we pride ourselves in our consistently great customer service.

Client Comments

Betting And Casino Accessories

Anne Adams


I am CEO of an event company and had noticed an increase in clients requesting casino setups. I really wasn’t sure where to start, so I contacted BigTiger Supplies who helped me to get started. I am very pleased with my purchases and will buy again.


Betting And Casino Accessories

Max Foster

Casino Manager

The sad fact was our casino looked dated, and in desperate need of a refresh, so we told BigTiger Supplies what we needed, and they delivered. Our visitor numbers have increased, and clients love our new blackjack tables on the floor. Thanks again to BigTiger Supplies for breathing new life into our casino.


Betting And Casino Accessories

Leslie Graham


I’ve started organising poker tournaments, and all I had was a couple of tatty decks of cards. I wanted to look more professional and so ordered branded cards from BigTiger Supplies. They’ve been a hit!